Term Life Insurance - How to Choose One

By Chimerenka Odimba

This is one of those coverages that lots of people find difficult considering though it is so very important. We would look at a little formula to help us calculate how much cover we need.

These days, term life insurance is being used both as an insurance coverage and an investment tool. How do I use term life insurance effectively?

Here are some thoughts you may look at. If I am working currently and hope to retire in x number of years, would my retirement benefits take care of my family and I? If the answer is yes then you have just answered a big question. The question is "For how long do I need a term life insurance policy?" Simply take the policy for the length of time till your retirement because you need to be sure that should there be an unexpected death before your retirement date, your family would still be well taken care of.

How much do you think would sustain your family? If you have an idea of how much your family would need annually to live a comfortable life, then you have just answered the next big question which is "How much should my term life coverage be?"

I learnt this little calculation that makes it all easy. We can easily invest our funds in a low risk investment and earn 10% as yearly interest so we simply look for an amount which when invested, would yield us annually the amount we need for our family sustenance.

Let me explain further. If you need $60,000 to sustain your family annually, then your term life insurance should be for $600,000 since investing this amount and getting a %10 percent interest annually would result in an annual income of $60,000.

If you can afford to, see and talk with a financial expert who would be able to fully advice you on this issue.

Finally, before taking out a term life insurance policy, be sure you get and compare as many quotes as you can as this is one sure way of finding the best coverage at the lowest rate.