Dental Benefits

By Nathan Victor

Your specific dental benefits will of course vary depending on what kind of dental insurance policy or discount dental plan you have. Some plans carry more benefits than others. Basically, it's safe to say that no insurance or discount dental plan covers 100% of any dental procedure you may need.

However, let's assume that we are speaking about insurance dental benefits rather than discount dental plans. When speaking of insurance, many people develop a dazed stare and start tuning out the speaker. This is often because they either do not wish to deal with "insurance speak" or they may be in denial as to the benefits that they may garner through having insurance.

Dental insurance companies use the term dental benefits to mean claims. Dental benefits mean a different set of words, most having to deal with the reimbursement of associated dental costs.

When a dental insurance company refers to the maximum benefit coverage you will receive, what they are actually referring to is the highest dollar amount that a particular insurance provider agrees they are willing to put forward for dental care in a given year. Also, when that particular insurance provider speaks of providing basic dental care benefits for its patients, they ordinarily mean that basic services are such things as checkups, cleaning, and perhaps fillings will be covered by your chosen plan.

As you give consideration to different insurance plans, it is especially important to pay attention to the dental benefits sections as the company outlines them for you. This will tell you what portion you will ultimately be liable for should you see the dentist.

Of course having advance knowledge of which dental procedures, services and types of dental care will be covered by your plan, will allow you to set aside money in your household budget in order to be able to pay your dentist bill and take good care of your teeth. In other words, even though you have dental insurance, you will still need to make a financial contribution to your dentist's bill.

What dental insurance has brought as an excellent benefit to most people is making dental insurance more affordable. This, in turn, means that more people will see their dentists regularly. Having preventative treatments such as cleanings and checkups prevents periodontal disease as well as additional serious dental problems.

Employers also garner benefits by making dental insurance available for employees. First, their company will attract a higher caliber of employees, and secondly, there may be some tax advantages related to offering employee dental coverage.

Finally, your dental insurance benefits may spell out the same kinds of peace of mind that your home insurance or your car insurance brings to you. For example, should you be involved in some kind of accident that requires major work on your teeth, you will now have coverage against highly expensive procedures that would definitely be a large adverse drain on your budget.