Are You Sure You Do Not Require Travel Insurance?

By Jackson Alan

Just as the title asks, "Are you sure you do not require travel insurance?" A very high percentage of people in the world today would immediately answer, "Yes, I do not require travel insurance" without giving much thought to it. The more we believe that we do not need it, the further we go away from the truth. Yes, travel insurance was not popular in the past but now, times have changed. Travel insurance as of today is officially a necessity. Not convinced? Let me tell you a couple of basic things that travel insurance will provide coverage for.

Firstly, insurance will cover for losses such as lost items as in personal belongings, luggage, cash, sudden cancellations for flight reservations and so on. You might think, "Hey, there is no way that this will happen to me as I do not misplace my things...!" Before you jump into any conclusions in your mind that you do not require insurance, do take some time to read this article and see if it makes sense. I am sure you will agree with me that unexpected events may happen as life is unpredictable and therefore certain things are just not within our control.

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Let us say that you have never lost a wallet in your entire life and think that you never will. What if during your trip overseas, a robber with a gun suddenly appears and demands you to hand over every single cent you have. What will that mean for you? No more money left in a foreign country. Would you want that to happen to you? What if you are with your family and have young kids? Just imagine about how traumatic this experience will be for them. Would you want that to happen to them? Nobody would envisage such happenings so it is best to be prepared for it.

There are actually two ways you can prevent such disaster from happening. The first one is to cancel the trip and never leave the country. That is definitely out of the question so there is only one last option left which is to get insurance...! Travel Insurance will not only protect you and cater to your emergency needs but also gives you and your loved ones a worry-free vacation.