Are You Sure You Do Not Require Travel Insurance?

By Graham S Doyle

Obviously some holidays and activities will be riskier than others. The risks involved in skiing and snowboarding far outweigh a relaxing holiday on the beach. This is why it is more expensive to get travel insurance for a holiday in which you plan to partake in winter sports. A lot of people however, are continuing to head off on their skiing or snowboarding holidays without adequate travel insurance. By leaving themselves unprotected, they could be facing huge medical bills if anything were to happen while they were away.

Aside from the obvious causes for concern when going on a winter sports holiday, there are also other problems which could result in your holiday being ruined. Going on a winter holiday means you are taking the risk that your holiday could be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. You will still be at risk of theft or loss of luggage. As everyone who's ever gone on one of these holidays will know, skis, snowboards, and other equipment associated with these sports, are extremely expensive. If yours were to get stolen, you would want to have a suitable insurance plan in place. A skiing or snowboarding holiday can also sometimes result in serious or even life threatening injuries. It is imperative therefore, that you take out a travel insurance plan before jetting off to the slopes.

A lot of people rely on the European Health Insurance Card which will cover you for either free medical treatment or discounted medical treatment in the same way that the nationals would get. This cover only applies to medical treatments and will not cover you for loss of luggage, cancelling of holidays or theft. It will also not cover you should you require the services of an air ambulance which could cost you or your family thousands should it need to be utilised.

It really is worth paying out that little bit extra for a good comprehensive travel insurance package before you go on any winter sports holiday. It can give you the security that should anything disastrous happen, you will be looked after and your family will not have to worry about the huge financial burden that could occur. To be on the safe side, before you head off, make sure you are fully covered for any activities which you think you may participate in. You wouldn't want to get there only to discover your travel insurance does not cover you for simple activities such as skiing on the nursery slopes!

Always remember to check exactly what your policy covers with your insurer.