7 Tips to Save You Money on Your Home Insurance

By Jason Furrow

A recent jump in the cost of home insurance makes comparison shopping for the best homeowners insurance quotes more important than ever if you are one of those concerned with not leaving money on the table.

The huge number of people taking advantage of low interest rates to move to a bigger home or improve the existing one is a factor in the increased rates. More property to insure means higher homeowners insurance rates.

The increase in natural disasters also plays a role in the increase. Virtually every part of the country is at risk for or already experienced the wrath of mother nature within recent years.

What Consumers Can Do to Lower Insurance Costs

Research before buying. Learn the history of the potential property you are considering purchasing before making a decision. If the property has a history of losses and claims, you are likely to pay a higher premium for this property.

Raise your deductible. By doing so, you could save 15 to 30 percent or possibly more on your home insurance.

Upgrade your home. Modernize your climate control, electrical, plumbing, etc.

Get recommendations from your insurer. Instead of guessing at what you could do that would lower your homeowners insurance, why not go directly to the source and ask them?

Improve your home's security. Discounts of at least 5 percent are available when you install smoke detectors, burglar alarms, or deadbolt locks. Some companies will even slash your premium by up to 20 percent if you install sophisticated systems such as sprinkler systems and fire and burglar alarms that automatically notify the authorities.

Combine your home and auto insurance with the same insurer. Most insurance companies will knock off 5 to 15 percent of your premium if you buy two or more policies with them.

Keep a good credit rating. Insurers are increasingly using credit scores to factor in when calculating home and auto insurance rates. Those with good credit scores are likely to pay less.