What is House and Content Insurance?

By Myloer Jamery

We have all heard about home owners insurance. It is an insurance policy that is there to protect you against certain unforeseen circumstances. So what happens to the contents of your home when something happens to your home? Suppose a hurricane comes through your area and damages your roof. If you have the right policy, it will cover the damage and help you to replace the roof but what do you do about the items inside that suffered substantial water damage?

This is where house and content insurance comes into play. This is a type of insurance that not only covers your home but the contents you have inside as well. There can be certain riders placed on the policy that puts stipulations as to what qualifies as a valid claim. An example of this may be that if you have fruit trees and your furniture was damaged from a fruit rat, it will not be covered.

Or perhaps you live in a flood prone area when it rains and you end up with water damage to some of your furniture after a thunderstorm only to find out that you do not have insurance to cover this particular event.

It is important to know your policy inside and out so you know exactly what is and what is not covered. You do not want to be under the assumption that if you have flood damage, your personal belongings are insured when in fact they are not. Then in the end you are left with no personal belongings and no money to replace the items. It is important for you to go over the policy and what you want covered thoroughly with the insurance agent so you can rest assured that in the event of an emergency, you, your home and your personal belongings are safe.